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PR Connections #1

If you are an avid Facebooker like me you might have noticed the recent changes that have been made to your profile.  In the next few days even more changes will be made to your profile and this time the changes will be made through your profile settings.  According to the article posted on MSNBC’s website the changes are happening because of discontent among users, consumer advocates, and most notably, government officials, with the site’s increasingly complex privacy settings. There has also been a string of site bugs that leaked profile information to advertisers and private e-mails and chats to random users.  The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg blaims the situations on the lack of communication with fellow employees and Facebook users.   Some of the new privacy setting on your profile will include simplified privacy, the returned ability to hide basic information, and controls to opt out of having third parties access user profiles.  Although, there have been many complaints from users there is no data that shows any loss from the sites 400 million plus users.  A poll was taken on the articles website and as of today 78 percent of voters so privacy is dead on facebook and there are very few ways to keep your profile private from those whom you do not want to view your profile. 

I do not know about you guys but I am sick and tired of Facebook constantly changing things around.  I remember the good ole days when you could log on and comment on your friend’s walls and add pictures with no problems.  Now every time I log on there are new games to ad, new privacy settings, and companies selling products that I could care less about.  Why can’t Facebook just be simple and fun again instead of complicated and obnoxious?  I hope things start settling down soon or I believe there will be many people who start to delete their accounts and move onto another blogging type website.


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Reading notes chapter 13

Ch 13: from Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition by: Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

In this chapter the authors discuss the new technologies in public relations.

Computers in particular are a key device used by public relations professionals.  In research computers make a huge amount of information easily accessible through secondary analysis of data.  There are three skills that are essential for success in public relations which are project management, time billing, and digital presentation.

The Internet is also a very important element in the success of public relations.  The internet was created in the late 1960s by researchers who were seeking a way to link computers in separate cities.  There are many ways in which public relations professionals use the internet but the primary uses are:

  • E-mail distribution
  • Web sites
  • Blogs, Moblogs, and Vlogs
  • RSS-Really simple syndications
  • Podcasting
  • Brochureware

Other technological tools that public relations professionals use are:

  • Cell phones
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Memory and Flash memory
  • Electronic blackboards

One of the main challenges in the public relations field when dealing with technologies is that we need to avoid manipulating social media in ways that alienate users or lead to backlash and all technologies will continue to require traditional managerial judgment and people skills.

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Reading Notes Chapter 1

Ch 1 -from the book: Public relations strartegies and tactics 9th editionby: Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron 

Those individuals whom are competent in the areas of writing, research, planning, problem-solving, and business/economics should consider the field of Public Relations.  A person first entering the public relations field typically earns a higher salaries than many other communications fields.  Entry-level individuals typically can earn a salary in the $30,000 to $40,000 range and individuals who are more advanced in the field can earn up to six figures.

There are an estimated 200 national and regional public relations organizations around the world.  Just in the United States there are almost 7,000 public relations firms and in 2005 about 34,000 students were majoring in a public relations or related field.

The process of public relations can be described through the RACE acronym.  RACE stands for: Research, Action, Communication, Evaluation.  The process is a series of actions, changes, or functions that can bring about a result.

It is not important to remember the definition of public relations but instead to understand a few key elements that frame todays modern public relations field of work.

  • Deliberate
  • Planned
  • Performance
  • Public Interest
  • Two-way communication
  • Management function

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Blog comments

comment #1

Title: TOW #2-Ashley White

Date: 5/26/10

I completely agree with what you have said about blog commenting.  I have had a few blog accounts before where no one left me a comment or responded to anything I had written and it made me uncomfortable and concerned that no one was interested in what I had written in my post. I am glad you made a statement about not putting others down when making comments.  In my past experiences with blogging I have also had experiences with people leaving horrible comments and sometimes they have nothing to do with the blog post but they are just posting a comment to put the author down.  These types of comments should not be posted because they are a waste of space and could push people away from blogging because they are afraid of receiving hurtful comments.  Overall I really enjoyed your post on blogging comments.

Comment #2

How 20 popular websites looked when they launched


I really enjoyed reading this article it is crazy to think how the times have changed in just a little over ten years. I remember back in the day when everyone had XANGA and then moved onto MySpace and now it is Facebook and Twitter. I wonder what crazy website will come out on the internet next. I personally miss the good ole days when websites were simple and there were very few viruses or pop-ups to worry about. Hopefully these websites will slow down a little on their advances before it gets too out of control and you have to have a masters in studying computers to be able to operate them.

Comment #3

Social Media karma From:amberlaurin


This post was extremely interesting and it is very helpful to a new blogger such as myself. I have used facebook for a few years now and have used very poor grammar and language usage when talking with my friends online. Now that I am blogging for a class for the first time I have to step back and take a look at exactly what I am writing and if what I am writing even makes any sense. I never in a million years thought that blogging really had so many rules and regulations per say, but once you get the hang of it, it really is not too difficult. I do believe that blogging really is pointless if you do not keep up with your posts and build connections with other bloggers. Building connections and leaving posts that receive comments I believe is the main focus of blogging as a whole. These tips are very helpful and I will continue to try and keep them in the back of my mind as I continue to blog in the future.

Comment #4

Taco Bell launches PR campaign to resurrect the $2 bill — and promote its value menu


I have always been very impressed with Taco Bell’s publicity stunts but I have to say this is one of the bests.  Not only does Taco Bell offer great food but they also offer great value options as well.  I feel that Taco Bell has always been one of the bests at advertising their products and finding unique ways to draw people into their stores.  I do believe that if this petition does in fact pass then they will see a huge increase in their two dollar meal sales.  I have one question for Taco Bell though; will they lower their two dollar meal prices so it evenly comes out to two dollars? Or will you still have to fork out a few dimes here and there along with your two dollar bill?

Comment #5

TOW #5 one week of twitter  By: Brianna Wagenbrenner


I completely agree with all of the issues you were going through when experiencing twitter.  I actually forgot to thank you on your last post, I read the post about what to do to not be a twitter dork and it really helped me out, so thanks again for that.  I still do not understand what the RT means?  I finally figured out to use the @ symbol when wanting to write on other members walls but the RT thing still confuses me.  I also had an issue with follow conversations as well and did not know you had to go to your home profile page to see what others had responded to what you tweeted.  Although, I was really confused at first with twitter I am really getting the hang of it.  I think now though I will use it more to connect with old friends and hopefully they can help me understand how to use twitter a little better as well. Who knows maybe the more I use twitter I will start to like it even more than Facebook!

Comment #6

Make Your Job Hunt a Success by: Brianna Wagenbrenner


I know exactly what you mean about having trouble finding a job, especially in Statesboro, Georgia.  I applied for three jobs this past year and never heard back from anyone until just recently when I was hired on at the RAC and had the most difficult interview that I have ever been through.  They sat me in a conference room with eight college or grad students drilling me with difficult questions.  The advice this article gives is very helpful and can be used by anyone applying for a simple fast food job to a fortune 500 company position.  It is very true from my past experiences to go last in interviews and try to make you stand out and be the most memorable by those.  I do believe that asking the interviewer questions is a key element to being recognized and showing that you care about the company and the job.  This was a very helpful post and I took a lot away from it.

comment 7

PR connections #5 by: Ashley White


This article that you shared offers a lot of helpful ideas on how to promote your business.  I would agree with her when she says that word of mouth is a key aspect in promoting your topic or business.  I also agree that at this day and age, using the internet is an excellent way to promote your business.  For instance my father owns his own business and for a while only promoted through yellow pages and word of mouth.  He has many loyal clients because he has been in business for over 20 years now but once he started advertising online his number of clients sky-rocketed.  I definitely agree that almost all businesses can see a huge increase in their sales if they advertised more on the internet.

Comment #8

Banks using Twitter? By: Casey Corley


I had no idea that so many companies used Facebook and Twitter to reach clientele.  I can definitely see how Facebook would be a little more advantageous because you can post more information about your company and focus more on those who would be more interested in your company than others.  More and more people around the world are using online resources so I think it is very smart for companies to start using Twitter and Facebook to promote their company and reach their avid clients.  I personally have begun to use Facebook in particular to search for information about companies and updates on products that I am interested in.  Who knows maybe I will start to use Twitter more often as well.

comment #9

Iphone 4G by: Jes’s blog


Thank you so much for the information.  I swear every time I get online Apple is coming out with something better and better every day.  I am a little leery about the glass screen and if I should buy it or just wait for the next thing that apple will come out with.  The video does make it seem amazing but sometimes I feel personally being a college student I do not want to own something so high-tech and expensive.  Do you know what the differences between the 32Gb and the 4G are?  My brother just recently bought the Ipad and loves it other than how small it is and he says it is a little difficult to type on and he does not recommend it for college students to write papers on.  I am in the need of a new phone so who knows maybe this YouTube video will spark my memory the next time I hit up the Apple store.

comment #10

PR connections 3: BP&PR by: Nikki Arc


This oil spill just disgusts me.  I actually have a beach house in Charleston, SC and we rent it out to people and our sales have dropped because people are afraid to travel anywhere south.  I truly feel for those who live near the gulf and their lives must just be completely changed from this horrible event.  The CEO of BP is an idiot and they should not have taken shortcuts on their process of pumping oil out faster.  I agree with you that he is handling this situation horribly. Yea he may want his life to return to normal, but what about the 11 people who lost their lives the day of the explosion.  I’m sure their families would love for their lives to return back to normal as well.

Comment #11

PR connections #2 The world cup by: Brooks Turner


Although I am not a huge fan of the FIFA world cup I did really enjoy this article.  I have watched a few games and let me tell you those horns drive me insane.  My uncle works with ESPN in Connecticut and he told me they have received so many complaints by viewers it has been more than they have gotten in twenty plus years.  He told me they used some technology to try and dim the sound a little so it is not as loud for viewers who are watching on television.  I also think it is stupid that they do not have video replay because as all sports lovers know referees make a lot of errors and when they game is on the line replays can make a huge difference.  Hopefully by the time the next world cup rolls around there will be less horns and maybe the incorporation of video replay.  Hey, a girl can wish cant she? 🙂

Comment #12

PR connections #1 by: Melmorris


I completely agree, facebook is getting way too sneaky for its own good. I just recently liked a company and I swear every time I turn around I have update after update of information from them. One thing companies also are doing is if you “like” them then they get whatever e-mail you have on your facebook and start sending you e-mails as well. It is getting ridiculous how sneaky these companies and even people can be on social networking sites. I was thinking about deleting my facebook because of all these privacy issues going on but I feel now a day if you do not have a facebook or twitter then you are never in the loop of what is going on in the media world. I wish facebook would go back a few years to when it was just simple and all you did was comment and connect with your friends.

Comment #13

BP magazine discovers bright side to oil spill: Benoit Faucon


In my opinion the oil situation in the gulf can only go up from here.  I do think it is rather amusing that Hayward went on a yacht outing two days after his crucifixion on Capitol Hill.  Big deal a few hotels are getting some revenue from those coming down to work on the oil spill it still is not enough.  My aunt has a beach house in Destin, Fl which is almost always booked every week for the past 5 summers.  These summers however only two weeks have been booked and one of them is a family member.  I believe it is a horrible situation going on in the gulf and BP and Hayward are not doing nearly enough.  That area in the gulf will struggle for many years and there is no amount of money that will completely restore everything.  Hopefully things will continue to get better and Hayward will get his act together!

Comment #14

New Law restricting paparazzi rights by: Allie Aronson


This is a great article and I truly believe this will be a positive step to help celebrities to have a little more privacy.  I feel horrible for some of the things celebrities go through each and every day.  For instance, last summer I worked in Charleston, South Carolina and Reese Witherspoon had a house on the resort that I worked out.  Periodically I would see her out on the beach with her family and there would be paparazzi’s all over the place trying to get pictures of her and her family.  Celebrities now a days cannot even go out to dinner and stop at the gas station without someone taking a picture of them.  I believe even more needs to be done to prevent paparazzi from invading so many celebrities personal lives before something horrible happens again. 

Comment #15

Facebook’s “Evil” App by: Allie Aronson


I swear every time I turn around  Facebook keeps getting sneakier and sneakier.  I have posted my number on a bunch of these types of groups and I never would have thought that Facebook was where they received my phone number.  I hardly ever give out my cell phone number out to anyone because I do not want the possible disturbance of publicity phone calls and I just recently noticed I have been receiving more and more unknown number calls on my phone.  I wonder if they are receiving my number from Facebook.  I really believe Facebook is almost becoming more of a hassle and maybe it is about time I just get rid of my account.

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