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from: PR connections #1 by melmomorris

I really enjoyed this video, especially since I am a recreation and tourism major. I am assuming you must be engaged, since you said you are going here for you honeymoon? You definitely picked a good resort, I stayed in Cancun for a summer and it was a blast but times have gotten a little rougher with the locals so make sure you guys mostly stay at your resort and close by for safety reasons. This was a great video to promote the resort and they used great pictures and music to draw the viewer in. I definitely believe in video marketing techniques to attract customers. I hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon and congrats!

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From: A picture is worth a thousand words by: Katie’s blog

I really enjoyed this post and I completely agree, pictures do make blogs and websites a lot more interesting.  I am more of a visual learner so whenever I am interested in something pictures or color schemes seem to make it even more interesting to me.  Just recently I discovered Flickr and I have found myself returning to the site more and more each day.  I do believe though if a website or blog provides clear, eye catching pictures then people are more likely to return and be more interested in the site/blog.  As a pr professional it will be vitally important to keep this in mind in the future when we are creating our own professional blogs and websites.  Thanks for this post, it was a good reminder to try and incorporate more pictures into my blog.

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Print Disappearing? by: Victoria Elisabeth

It is sad but I also do believe that the printing industry is slowly starting to disappear.  When I was in high school every morning my dad would have the news paper in his had reading it before he went off to work.  We do not even have a subscription anymore and instead we get our news from the television of off the internet.  While at school the only news paper I read is the George Ann and that is mainly because it is free and conveniently all over campus.  There are some positive and negatives to the printing industry disappearing but bottom line think of the millions of jobs that would be lost if there as no longer a printing industry.

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PRCA 3330 PR Connections #1: PRSSA by: Cassandra Light

Thank you for this blog post.  I just recently transferred to Georgia Southern last year and had no idea we even had a PR student organization on campus.  It is true though student organizations within your major not only can help you to build connections but they are great with finding you internships as well.  I am a PR minor but I attend my majors student group once a month and it has really helped me to adjust to the university and I already have an internship set up for me for when I graduate.  There are a lot of positives to student organizations so from my experience get involved with as many as you can!

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Widespread Panic Fall Tour 2010 by Alicia Addison


I have never heard of this band but you definitely sparked my interest.  I love the Allman brothers and have just about every song of theirs on my iPod.  Does Widespread Panic come to Georgia at all this fall? I love bands that started up from nothing and became big time stars from the hard work and dedication that they put into their work.  It sounds like you are very passionate about this band, so I would definitely say go for it and try to find a career working in the music business, you never know what could happen!

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I love the lolli-ladies by Lindsey Bowers


I am so glad you posted this blog.  It is funny just yesterday one of my friends introduced me to the lollipop girls and I have been following them on twitter and reading up on their blog ever since.  I too am studying PR to hopefully one day go into event planning.  After reading up on their blog they have truly inspired me to start my own event planning company.  They have great ideas and have done so many wonderful things for the community.  It is amazing how a small little company can expand so quickly with just a little dedication and determination.

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Dancing with the “so-called” Stars by Amber Laurin

I to am not very impressed with the line-up for this seasons dancing with the stars.  I have watched a few seasons in the past and fell in love with the show, but I really doubt I will keep up with this season.  Although, I do believe this season may hurt their previous top ratings for Monday nights.  In my opinion I would love to see some more well known athletes on the show like Kobe Bryant and Shaq, how funny would that be? 🙂 Who knows maybe this season will be better than I expected but I am definitely excited to see Jennifer Grey on the show!

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Love is the moment by Stefanie Mardar

I too just heard about this story on the news yesterday and it made me so sad.  One thing that made it even worse for me is the fact that I heard people saying “oh well, he wasn’t a well known player.”  I think it is ridiculous how so many people view suicide as a joke.  As I was reading your blog post I looked into TWLOHA.  I had never heard of this organization before but I am so happy there is a group like this out there keeping people aware of suicide issues.  Suicide is a horrible and sad thing, and I hope more is done in the future to try and prevent it.

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A fast food frenzy that doesn’t disappear fast By: Alicia

I have actually read another article similar to this one. I think it is crazy how horrible and nasty fast food can be for you. i am very happy that they are starting to come out with more healthy options to choose from because being a college students I almost always have to grab food on the run and I tend to go to fast food restaurants very often. To help prove this mans research to be true my boyfriend can be a slob at times and he actually left a bag of left over friend and a part of a cheeseburger in the trunk of his car. Two in a half months later when we were cleaning out his car to go home we opened up the bag and the food only looked to be a day old. It disgusts me to think what these fast food companies are actually using to cook their food. I also will try to stick to the more healthy options when i am going to fast food restaurants.

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Gap got a new look…Not by Victoria

This article is very interesting. I actually was disappointed when I heard that Gap was thinking about changing their logo. It is a trademark for the company and every time you see it you always know that is Gap’s logo. Certain logos make the company and when you try and change something about it, it can change how people feel about the company. For instance if McDonald s tried to change their golden arches logo people would be very confused and it could even draw away some customers. In my opinion if you have a logo that works you should stick with it. Sometimes too much change can actually be a bad thing.

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Do you know your brands?

I have also done a brand test. I did horrible but there was one girl in our class who knew almost every brand. By looking at the example you put on the post I was able to identify a few of the brand labels. I was actually surprised to the article that many of the top brands in the world are from the US. I would have thought that almost all the top brands would be from either China or Taiwan. Although most of the brands may be originated in the United States is all of the manufacturing done outside of the United States? I hope that more top brands will be developed in the United States to help better our economy.

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Athletes or Super Humans?

I really enjoyed this post because I am a huge sports fan. It is amazing how an announcement in sports can actually mean more to some americans that a presidential speech. I was still very young when Michael Jordan retired but I do remember my brother being so upset that his favorite basketball player was retiring. I have noticed a lot recently that athletes are starting to show up more in the news when they seem to be in slumps. They want to build their spot light as an athlete and to hopefully find a way to earn more money by being in the media. I swear every time I turn around another athlete is either doing something illegal or promoting a product. Athletes are huge role models in our American society and always will be in the spot light.

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Get your Creative Juices Flowing

I understand where you are coming from. Even though we are halfway through the semester I have been struggling to find things to write about. The seven suggestions that this article gave about finding a way to help you write in your blog are great suggestions. It really does help to think of something you are not used to and writing about something different each day. I got a journal a few years ago and ever since have found it easier to jot down ideas when I get bored, especially in class or when I am on the bus going to and from class. The best advice I can give is to jot down ideas throughout the day on anything you can and bring it home and write about it.

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A Graduation and trip to always remember

You will absolutely love the atlantis! My family has a beach house three blocks from the Atlantis and we absolutely love Nassau. Atlantis is a place where you literaly do not even have to leave the resort to get anything. One suggestion I do have is to walk down to the other end of paradise island and rent jet skiis for really cheap. Depending on the day you can pretty much name your price and they will let you go out on the water. My favorite part about the Atlantis is the amazing food and the aquarium. There is even a water slide that takes you through the aquarium that is really neat as well. I am so jealous you are going this summer you will have the best time of you life. Be careful though, those drink prices do add up :)

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I absolutely love that you made a post about this. It is amazing to think of all the great things that have been developed to help support breast cancer research. My room mates and i started something new this year by collecting all of our yogurt lids and sending them into yoplait. Just these past few weeks we have collected over 50 lids which is 10 cents per lid. It may not seem like a lot but it can add up over time. One thing I have noticed a lot more of are products at the store that if you purchase them then part of the procedes will go to breast cancer research. Since my mother is also a breast cancer survivor I am so happy to see more being done to help find a cure for this disease. I am very glad to hear that you mother is recovering well!

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“Get the Door. It’s Domino’s” by Cait Bailey

Cait,  I felt the same way you did on them waiting a little to long to respond to the crisis.  I did see the video back in 2009 and it definitely made me steer clear from Domino’s.  Although I never have been  a huge Domino’s lover the new re-vamp to the company has made a huge change to the company for the better.  They have changed their image for the better and I feel the changed definitely needed to be done especially after this video release. I feel that the main reason they waited to long to respond to the crisis was because they wanted to make sure they handled it the right way.  If they did not do so then the company could have completely fallen under and many Domino’s around the country would have gone out of business.  After seeing this video again I think I definitely am going to try to stick to home cooked meals for a little while.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! by Lindsey Elizabeth


I think it is amazing that you got so involved last month with Breast Cancer Awareness. My mother is in remission now for over a year and I think it is great to hear other people my age out supporting the cause. I sadly was not able to attend the events at the RAC, did you hear if it was successful or not? I hope so because I think it was a great idea that CRI and ZTA came up with. I wish I would have seen your post before because I would have loved to gone out and put pink hair extensions in with some of my friends in support of my mother and other survivors.

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Yet Another Social Media Blunder by: AliciaMD

When I first started to read your post I started to burst out laughing.  Once again this is one of those situations that you really need to watch what you say online.  Why is it that people need to post those types of things online?  I feel if you must share your opinions then do them without saying cuss words and try to keep them somewhat appropriate.  Anyone can see what you say online and why would you want someone to form a bad opinion about you just because you feel like stating your opinion about someone’s performance.  This lady is very dumb for what she did and needs to watch what she chooses to post online next time.

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A blow to my beiber fever by: Skglover

Once again I feel as if this was one of those situations where someone wanted to try to get in the news by getting a celebrity in trouble. Justin is just a teenager and teenagers mess up once in a while and get in trouble, I mean come on they are not perfect little angels who never do anything wrong. I feel bad for celebrities and people who are constantly in the spot light because one little slip up and then it is in the media. I mean come on he got a in a little fist fight while playing laser tag, who cares. He may screw up a few times along the way to adulthood but what young teen doesn’t? I believe the media needs to leave the poor kid alone and let him live his life with a few screw ups along the way.

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Pr Connections by MelMorris

I think it is awesome that this company is trying to make it a little more enjoyable for people to come to work. Employees need a place to go when they are on their breaks in which they can clear their heads and have a little fun while at work. My dads company is in the middle of downtown Cincinnati and his company built a park on top of their building. There is very little green space for him and his fellow employees to escape to so they built and area with trees, benches, and flowers in which they can escape to and get a little fresh air. I hope more companies such as these establish areas in which their employees can take a little break from their hectic work days and relax.

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All in All- Don’t Use These Phrases! By: Jordan

This article is very interesting and made me realize how dumb I can sound when I speak.  Like the article says I definitely learned to speak this way because of my mother who is an English teacher.  She always tries to use big words and tries to make her sentences sound intelligent when after reading this post I realize some of what she and I say does not really make sense at all.  I wonder where these types of sentences started from because if you sit back and think about them none of them really do make sense.  Well I definitely know next time when I am trying to start an intelligent conversation I will definitely think twice about what I am saying.

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9 Facebook Etiquette Dos and Dont’s  by: terry Levine

You have definitely come up with some good points in this article and I am glad you chose poking as being number one on your list.  I have never really understood the meaning of poking and honestly I have thought it was weird every time I received a poke from someone.

I also agree that I think it is okay to un-friend someone.  It should not be viewed as a bad thing, if you do not want someone to read your Facebook page anymore.  If you have grown apart from someone or no longer speak with them then I think it is okay to not want to share personal information with that user.  I also feel it is okay to share that you are in a relationship with someone.  Unless you are unsure of the status then do not post it.  Bottom line, personal information should not really be shared on the internet but, if you are going to share information then be careful.

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Twitter: 15 Tweets to Stay Interesting by Elena Verlee

You have definitely come up with some great ideas. Although, you gave these as recommendations to long time users who need to spice up their twitter page it is also very good advice for someone like me who is new to twitter. I do however need to still learn how to do a few of the suggestions that you offered such as creating an All top page, posting pictures and four square advertisements. I definitely want to get more involved with twitter and think more outside the box and hopefully become a more avid user. Who knows maybe one day I will become a twitter pro!

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Is Bristol Palin a Terrible Spokesperson- by PR Junkies

I actually disagree with what you are saying about Bristol Palin.  I do believe though if she is trying to be a spokesperson for an abstinence campaign then she does need to be more careful about what she is doing on national television.  What she did on Dancing with the Stars was an act and a part of dancing; she was competing in a contest for “DANCING” not competing on different sex moves.  It is not like she was onstage naked and having sex for Christ-sake.  Grow up a little and give Bristol some credit for trying to promote a good cause and stop judging people solely on things that can be viewed as bad in some people’s eyes.

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Deals give businesses a reason to try facebook places. By: Kammie Avant

I just recently started using Facebook places and I think it is a great marketing tool and awesome for me because of all of the perks.  During Black Friday I used my places app constantly and was able to save at least a dozen different stores.  I think it is wonderful to that a lot of organizations are using the places app as a way to give back to charities.  Businesses are stupid to not use facebook as a way to promote their company.   I have a close friend who owns a small retail store and she recently added her business to places and her numbers have increased drastically.


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